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Alfa laval
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We have Heat exchangers available in our UAE and Mumbai stock

Alfa Laval Heat exchangers in very good condition – UNUSED/NEW and Used.

Marine ALFA LAVAL M10 Heat Exchangers

Make: Alfa Laval
Model: M10-RFM, M10-BFM
Serial No.:
M10: 30145-32960, 30105-32959

Industrial ALFA LAVAL TL10 BFG, M15-BFG Heat Exchangers

Make: Alfa laval
Type: TL10 BFG , M15-BFG
Sr: 30110-25342, 30110-25341
Year: 2017, 2018
Fluid Group: 2
Inlet->outlet: S1->S2 S3->S4
Volume: 183 L, 200 L, 284 L, 308 L, 285 L, 245 L
Design Pressure PS: 0/10.0 bar
Design Temp. TS: 0/75 °C
Test pressure PT: 14.3 bar
Max. Op temp: 75 °C
Test Date: 2017-11-27, 2018-01-04

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