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Giant Dock and Bumper Tires for Sale

Which OTR or Bumper Tires are Right for You?

The time comes to choose the Giant Dock and Bumper Tires tire for your needs. You definitely want to consult with me. Taking the time to determine exactly which set of tires are appropriate for the job can go a long way toward prolonging their lifespan. It can help save you money down the road.

We offer a wide range of off-the road tires in both radial and bias ply construction. We offer new earthmover tires, earthmover tire retreads, used earthmover tires and take offs for all types of machines. Types of machines: surface mining, underground mining, quarries and construction, industrial handling and port.

Our selection of OTR tires is second-to-none. We classify each tire by type of vehicle and the application suitable for use. Simply let us know what your earthmoving machine or other heavy equipment vehicle requires, and we will help you find the best set of OTR tires. Our tire sales staff looks forward to taking the lead on your search for used OTR tires today.

If you are in need of OTR or truck tires in Texas or worldwide, you have reached the easiest way to competitive prices.

Supplier for OTR and Earthmover Bumper and Fender Tires

We have availability in: Atlantic and Gulf and Pacific Ports

The Available Tire Diameters We Regularly Keep In Stock Are As Follows:

25 Inches and 33 Inches and 35 Inches and 39 Inches and 45 Inches and 49 Inches and 51 Inches and more

Or please contact me if you have a need


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