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Electric I Beam Winch Hoist with Trolley Model HDC48: 12VDC – 6000 Lbs Pull Max


~1-2 Week Lead Time

HDC48 Electric Hoist with Trolley with Limit Switch 12VDC Motor and Up to 6,000 Lbs Pull Double Line Lift

• 3,000-lb single-line or 6,000-lb double-line lift
• Brake motor and Dynamic Braking
• Worm gear reduction for positive load holding
• Low headroom— 22"
• Trolley built to beam size
• Hoist complete with cable hook and block for 20' lift
• Manual trolley
• Low voltage controls

Designed for material handling usage only
All-purpose lifting on single phase power
Long-lift applications where chain hoist will not reach
In-plant operation where a hoist hanging from I-beam supports the load

Construction Features:
• Hoist mounted to 3/8" steel trolley with 4" I-beam wheels
• Fully sealed aluminum housings, with precision-cut gears, run in an oil bath
• Hardened steel worm and forged bronze worm gear holds load in position when stopped
• Stress-proof drum shaft
• Frictionless bearings
• 430:1 Reduction

Trolley Size:
Trolley is built to fit  the size of beam specified, from 4" to 15" structural I-beams.
We must have your I-beam size. Example: 8" high x 4" wide

• 12VDC Motor

Lifting Capacity:
• 6,000 lbs double line on 1st layer
• 5300 lbs. double line on mid drum
• 4300 lbs. double line on full drum
Single line capacities are 1/2 of those shone above

• 11 RPM: No-load drum speed
• 11 FPM: No-load drum speed
• 7 FPM: 3000 lbs – single-line lift
• 3.5 FPM: 6,000 lbs – double line
Note: All speeds are based on one layer of cable on drum.

Drum Storage:
Unit has adjustable upper and lower limit switch. Hoist is provided with 42' of 1/4" cable for 40' lift, single line, and 20' lift, double line. Sheave block and safety hook are included. Applications needing longer than 100' cable lengths require hoist without limit switch or with upper limit switch control only.
• 1/4" – 250'
• 5/16" – 160'
• 3/8" – 110'
For best results, use the minimum amount of cable required for application. Maintain four wraps of cable on the drum at all times. Cable sold separately. Length and size must be specified at time of order.

Cable Strength:
• Safe working load is 20% of breaking strength
• Top-quality galvanized cable available in the following breaking strengths:
1/4" – 7,000 lbs
5/16" – 9,800 lbs
3/8" – 14,400 lbs

Duty Cycle:
• 25% – 15 min/hr when operating at full load

Shipping Weight: 233 lbs

Additional information

Weight133 lbs
Dimensions30 × 20 × 20 in