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Wire Rope Puller – 3200 KG


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Wire Rope Puller - 3200 KG

PDSL-TW Wire Rope Puller

Wire Rope Puller PDSL-TW3200

3200 KG Rated and 4800 KG Pulling Capacity

Simple structure and powerful function
Fast and easy installation
Simple to feed in or remove the wire rope
Continuous operation without snatching
Easily change from forward to reverse operation by changing the operating handle to opposite lever
Works in any position horizontal, vertical or angled
The length of the wire rope is not limited
Standard length of steel wire rope is 20 meters but custom length are available on request
Each winch is tested to 1.5 times of the rated capacity.
The jaws and connecting axle have been quenched
The modules have been electroplated

Chassis: High strength 104 aluminum alloy

Shell: Spray, standard for sand gray, color can be customized

Jaw blocks: 40Cr with suitable hardness that does not damage the wire rope

Wire rope: Hot dip galvanized 6x19W+IWR, 11mm, 20 meters long standard (can be customized)

Wire rope hook:
Standard American eye hook of material 35CrMo, high tensile strength.
Swivel hook or European hook can be used as required

Wire Rope Puller - 3200 KG

Additional information

Weight102 lbs
Dimensions27 × 6 × 13 in