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Container Twist Locks

BD-R1 AAR Approved Inter Box Container Twist Lock

Railroad Twistlock - Inter Box Connector - Model BD-R1

Interbox Connector Container Twist Locks


Purchase Online Small Quantities of ISO Shipping Container Lashing & Securing Equipment



Manual Twistlock - Rail Road Use

Container Side Handle

Forged Cone


This product is made for railroad service on double stack container trains.


The BD-R1 meets the standards of the Association of American Railroads (AAR)

Manual of Standards and Recommended Practices Specification M-998


Left Locking

Designed for container side operation

Fits both 96 and 102 inch wide containers

Lock and unlock using aluminum operating rod from ground

Designed for 80,000 lbs. gross container weight

Container Twist Locks
Twistlock Emergency Operation Tool
Twistlock Emergency Operation Tool

Counterpart: ISO Corner Castings


Download Complete Container and Cargo Securing Catalog with Drawings


Container Lashing Design: Ship or Barge


Cargo Securing Manual Approval By Class Society


Container Ship Hatch Covers and Lashing Bridges


How Do Container Ships Work?


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