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Myte Winch Hoist Air 1030

Pneumatic Capstan

Myte Winch Hoist Air 1030


Purchase ONLINE Myte Winch Hoist Portable Winch Hoist and Capstans


AIR1030 Portable Pneumatic Air Capstan 100psi and 65 CFM



• 800-lb single-line or 1,600-lb double-line lift

• Rotary vane air motor

• Worm gear reduction for positive load holding

• Portable and rugged

• Reversible with Pendant Control

• Capstan rope drum

• 50% Duty Cycle



Designed for material handling usage only.

Utility and construction applications

Tower and antenna erection

Transformer replacement


Construction Features:

• Heavy-duty angle base drilled for four 1/2" bolts (9/16" mounting holes) with no welding required

• Fully sealed aluminum housings, with precision-cut gears, run in an oil bath

• Hardened steel worm and forged bronze worm gear holds load in position when stopped.

• Stress-proof drum shaft

• Frictionless bearings


Gear System:

• 60:1 total reduction

• 30:1 hardened steel worm and forged bronze worm gear drive

• 2:1 motor to worm shaft chain drive with chain guard

• Adjustable chain drive tension


Hoisting Rope:

Consult your local dealer for type and size of rope.

Maintain at least three wraps of rope on capstan drum when in use. Heavier loads may require four wraps of rope.



• 4 HP rotary vane air motor

• Optimal performance with 100 psi and 65 cfm

• End user must provide clean dry lubricated air


Lifting Capacity:

• 800 lbs. single line lift

• 1600 lbs. double line lift



• 25 FPM: 800 lbs. single line lift

• 12 FPM: 1600 lbs. double line lift


Duty Cycle:

• 50% – 30 min/hr when operating at full load.


Shipping Weight: 71 lbs


Factory-Installed Options: (Email PM&I for Quotes)

• Pole mount adapter

• Receiver hitch

• Swivel base

• Lever operated valve

• Foot pedal valve

Myte Winch Hoist Air 1030

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