CC-2 Polyform Buoy 14″ Diameter x 16.5″ Long – Boat Mooring Buoy w/ Center Hole


Boat Mooring Buoy with Center Thru Hole for Bar or Rope Securing

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CC Series Polyform Buoy - Center Thru Hole for Securing with Bar or Rope or Net

Polyform’s CC Series buoys share the same legendary history as our A Series.
Developed shortly after the A Series, the CC has proven to be a valuable commercial buoy for over 50 years.
- The original inflatable plastic bar & mooring buoy
- Useful in a variety of applications: Offshore fishing, Oceanic research equipment, Fish farming, or Mooring buoy.
- Even wall thickness and reinforced flexible center tube for maximum strength and durability

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To figure out what size buoy you will need, determine the weight of the chain it must support. All chain has a stated weight per foot. Add another 25% to the total weight for safety. Always use chafing gear where mooring lines run through bow chocks or are likely to contact deck hardware. A thimble on the shackled end will prevent chafe at the buoy.

In a hard blow, the holding power of the mooring can be increased by lengthening the mooring pennant. This increases the scope of the mooring providing greater holding power—just be sure to check other boats in the moorage first to ensure you won’t foul another moored boat. In adverse conditions, a second mooring pennant can be run to the top eye as a safety in case the primary pennant chafes through or fails. All shackles should be moused to prevent opening. Electricians plastic tie wraps are an excellent means of securing a shackle.

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Weight6 lbs
Dimensions17 × 14 × 14 in

Red, White