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Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers:

Gasket Storage Instruction

When heat exchanger plate gaskets are maintained as spare parts, it is important that certain storage procedures be followed to assure that the rubber compounds making-up the gaskets do not deteriorate and the useful life of the gaskets is preserved.

1. Store in an area where the temperature does not exceed 70ºF. Ideally, the temperature should not exceed 60ºF. NEVER STORE IN AN AREA WHERE THE TEMPERATURE MAY FALL TO OR BELOW 32ºF.

2. Low humidity should be maintained in the storage area. A maximum of 70% relative humidity is recommended.

3. Store in a darkened room. Ultra-violet light must be avoided.

4. Store gasket so they are free from tension. Do not store stretched or severely bent gaskets.

5. All potential sources of Ozone, such as operating electric motors, or welding equipment, must be removed from the storage area.

6. Organic solvents, acids, etc. Must not be kept in the storage area.

7. Do not store near heating system radiators.

8. Cover or keep the gaskets in bags or boxes to minimize exposure to air circulation.

9. Properly stored gaskets (no direct light 60º-70º ) will perform like new ones,


Storage life for
Nitrile Gasket is 3 to 5 years
EPDM Gasket is 5 years
BUTYL Gasket is 5 years
VITON Gasket is 5 years



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