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Marine Navigational Lanterns

Marine Airbags

3490A Aircraft Tie Down

Aids To Navigation

Marine Airbags

Aircraft and Helicopter Tie Downs

   Lights, Buoy, Lighthouse, Towers, Poles,

Salvage, Haul Out, Ship Launching

Securing Devices for Aircraft,

Beacons, Reflectors, Foghorns

Construction, Flotation

to be Cast into Concrete


Marine Mooring Bollards 

marine polyethylene buoy 

Above Deck Marine Capstan 

Bollards and Cleats


Capstan Winches

Mooring Bollards, Bitts and Cleats

Chain Through, Cylindrical, Mooring,

Pneumatic, Hydraulic & Electric

Oceanographic, Navigational

Explosion Proof


Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

Davit Cranes for Marine Fenders

Electro Hydraulic Clamshell Crane Grab

Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

Cranes and Lifting Equipment

Crane Clamshell Bucket Grab

Swivel, Locking, Etc

Davits, Trolley, Articulated, Etc.

Grabs and Clamshell for Various Material

6,200 to 25,000 lbs. Capacity Per Caster



roller fairleads - 4 four, 3 three, multi

Marine Cone Fender and UHMW Panel System

Ferry Passenger Float for Embarkation and Debarkation

Fairleads, Rollers and Sheaves

Fendering Systems for Marine

Ferry Passenger Embarkation Float

Multi Roller Fairleads

Panel Fenders, Extruded Fenders

Made to Order

Sheaves of All Sizes

Pneumatic and Foam Fenders, Etc.

Size as Needed


grouding rod with eye

Stainless Steel Hardware

Pneumatic Winch and Hoist: WA-220 Tugger

Grounding Rods

Hardware / Chain / Rope: Stainless Steel

Hoists and Winches

Ground Rods, Block Out Form, Drive Tools 

All Types of Stainless Steel Hardware

Electric, Hydraulic, Hand, Pneumatic Etc.


Including Chain and Wire Rope


Hose Reels- Industrial Metal Heavy Duty

Container Lifting Spreader Frame: Automatic: 20 or 40 Foot

Lifting Points - Lifting Eyes

Hose Reels- Industrial Metal Heavy Duty

Lifting Equipment: Spreader, Grabs & Bars

Lifting Points - Lifting Eyes

Fuel, Power, Cable, Air, Optical, Etc.

Lifting Beams, Bars and Spreaders

Fixed, Dynamic, Flush, Stainless, Etc


LNG Liquified Natural Gas Filling Nozzle

Marine Plastic Lumber

ATEX Navigational Aids 

Liquid Flow Control Components

Marine Plastic Lumber - HDPE

Navigational Aids

LNG Nozzles

Marine Plastic Lumber with Reinforcement

Lights, Buoy, Range, Etc.


Steel Piles and Stainless Tube

Pipeline Pipe Carbon and Stainless Steel

Plastic Marine Piles 

Steel & Stainless Piles

Pipeline Pipe and Tube

Plastic Marine Piles - HDPE

Piles for Pier, Dock, Bridge Construction

Carbon and Stainless Steel

Piles of Various Diameter and Length

Line Pipe, Heat Exchanger Tubes





Electric Pumps

Quick Release Hooks Marine Mooring

cable reels


Quick Release Hook - Marine Mooring

Reels: Hose, Cable and Line

Electric, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Hand, Engine

With and Without Integrated Capstan

Fuel, Power, Cable, Air, Optical, Etc.


Multi Hooks, Electric or Manual





rubber packing - straight packing

uhmw-pe marine fender panel

electric winches and hoists

Drydock and Other Seals

UHMW Fendering and Rail

Winches and Hoists

Packing and Seals of Various Shape

UHMW of Various Size and Thickness

Electric, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Hand, Etc.


Cross Laid Wire Rope

new shipping container for sale

Wire Rope Sheave Fairleads

Wire Rope

New Shipping Containers For Sale

Wire Rope Sheave Fairleads


Shipping Container Parts

Marine Chain and Industrial Chain

Pipe Floats and Hose Floats

Shipping Container Parts

Marine Chain & Industrial Chain

Pipe Floats and Hose Floats

Spare Parts for Ocean Cargo Containers

Stud Link, Studless Link

Any Diameter Pipe

Swivels and Accessories


Debris Boom Oil Boom Turbidity Curtain

Dredging Hoses

Oil Boom, Debris Boom, Turbidity Curtain

Dredging Hoses


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