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Air Conditioning and Ventilation

Engine Room Ventilation and Dampers


Bearings - Propeller Shaft and Rudder

Flanged / Staves / Non Flanged / Line Shaft


Bearings - Pump Shaft

Metallic, Non Metallic, Metric Pump Shaft Bearings


Bearings - Fully Split Roller

Fully Split Roller Bearings


Filters (Replacement)

Oil - Air - Fuel - Hydraulic: Spin on - Sock - Panel

Baldwin, Dahl, Donaldson, Filtrec, Nelson, Separation Technologies,

Winslow, Wm W. Nugent & Co.



Fire Dampers - Engine Room

Engine Room Fire Dampers and Moisture Dampers


Fuel Oil Purifier Separator Systems

High Speed Vertical Centrifuge Fuel Purification

Filter and Coalescer Fuel Purification

Spin On Filter Fuel Purification



Swing Drives, Track Drives, Winch and Hoist Drives


Heat Exchangers

Keel Coolers / Plate and Frame / Shell and Tube


Heat Exchanger Plates

PHE Heat Exchanger Plates - Any Brand


Heat Exchanger Gaskets

PHE Heat Exchanger Gaskets - Any Brand


Hose Reel and Cable Line Reel

Air, Fuel, Gas, Liquid Hose Reels

Cable and Rope Mooring Line and Tow Line Reels

Steel or Stainless Steel Construction



Keel Coolers   Vessel Keel Cooling Systems
Marine Electric Motors   Electric Motors - Marine Rates

Oil from Water Separators

Maritime and Industrial Oil and Water Separators


Oil Fuel Purifier Separator Systems

High Speed Vertical Centrifuge Oil Purification

Filter and Coalescer Oil Purification

Spinner Oil Purification System

Spin On Oil Purification



Pipe Components

Connectors / Drip Pan Elbows / Suction Diffusers 


Propeller Shaft Products

Propellers, Propeller Shaft Seals, Propeller Shaft Bearings




Electric Pumps

Hydraulic Pumps

Pneumatic Pumps



Purifier Separator Centrifuge (Fuel / Oil / Food)

New Machines, Spare Parts, Overhaul, Bowl Balancing

High Speed Vertical and Horizontal Decanters

Alfa Laval - De Laval - Mitsubishi - Westphalia


Reels: Hose, Cable, Line

Air, Fuel, Gas, Liquid Hose Reels

Cable and Rope Mooring Line and Tow Line Reels

Steel or Stainless Steel Construction


Sewage Systems - Marine Sanitation Device

Marine Sewage Treatment

Lift and Pump Out Stations

Marine Vacuum Sewage Systems (Toilets)

Sodium Hypochlorite Generator - Biological - Chlorine Tablet


Shaft Seal Systems

Face Seals / Lip Seals / Stuffing Boxes


Stuffing Boxes

Marine Propeller Stuffing Boxes



Y Type / Simplex / Duplex / Replacement Strainer Baskets


Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Fans, Portable Coolers and Engine Room Ventilation


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