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Construction Products Catalog

Construction Air Bags   Air Bags Used for Construction
    Large Object Movement on Ground
    Underwater Salvage
    Ship or Barge Haul Out or Launching
Aircraft Tie Downs Securing Devices for Aircraft, to be Cast into Concrete
Bollards and Cleats   Mooring Bollards, Bitts and Cleats
Buoy   Chain Through, Cylindrical, Mooring, Oceanographic, Navigational
Cranes and Hoists Cranes and Hoists


Wire and Rope Fairlead

Fendering Systems Extruded Fender Systems, UHMW, Pneumatic (Yokohama Fenders)
Foam Filled Fenders, Panel Fender Systems, Tow Knees, Plastic Lumber
Grounding Rods   Ground Rod with Eye
    Ground Rod
    Copper Clad and Pure Copper
Hardware - Stainless Steel Blocks  boat hardware  chain  cleats
Chocks  clips  eyebolts  hasps
    Hinges  handles  latches  hooks
    Links  pins  padeyes  rings
    Shackles  sheaves  snaps  swage  terminals
    Swivels  thimbles  tiedowns  turnbuckles
    U bolts  wire rope

Hoists and Winches

Electric, Hand, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Barge, Capstan


Hose Reel and Cable Line Reel

  Air, Fuel, Gas, Liquid Hose Reels
    Cable and Rope Mooring Line and Tow Line Reels
    Steel or Stainless Steel Construction


Marine HDPE Plastic Lumber   Reinforced HDPE Plastic Lumber
Marine HDPE Plastic Pilings   Plastic Rebar Reinforced Pilings for Marine Construction
Meteorological Sensors   Wind, Tide, Solar Radiation, Pressure, Air Temperature, Humidity,
      Wave Sensor, Water Temperature, Current Profiler
Mooring Equipment Bollards, Bits, Cleats, Fairleads, Blocks, Capstan, Fenders, Quick Release Hooks
Synthetic Rope, Wire Rope
Navigational Aids   Lights, Buoy, Lighthouse, Towers, Poles, Beacons, Reflectors, Foghorns
Seals   Seals - Hopper Barge Seals, Lock Seals, Loch Seals, Gate Seals, Drydock Seals
UHMW Fendering Plastic Sheet Fender and Wear Pads and Rub Rails

Winches and Hoists

Electric, Hand, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Barge, Capstan

Wire Rope   Cross Laid, Parallel Laid, Non Rotating, Single Rope, Compacted Rope
  Filling Compacted Rope, Swaged Rope, Cable Laid Rope
    Steel, Galvanized, Stainless and all materials

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