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  Countermeasure Washdown Nozzle
Type P-SB

NavSea Drawing 803-1385828

P-SB Navy Countermeasure Washdown Nozzle: Navsea 803-1385828: NSN 4730-01-169-9821 

SB Nozel with Tri Met Ring: 98154-1 / NAVSEA 803-1385828 / NSN 4210-01-599-4529

P-SB Nozzle - NSN 4730-01-171-7185 / NAVSEA 803-1385828

P-SB Nozzle Stainless Steel

P-SB Nozzle w/ Tri Metal Ring

P-SB Nozzle Debris Kit 1

For Welding Into Steel Deck

For Welding Into Aluminum Deck

Washer and Screw Keep Debris Out

Stainless Steel Construction

NSN 4210-01-599-4529

During Maintenance or Yard Period

NSN 4730-01-169-9821

Part Number 98154-1

NSN 4730-01-171-7185



P-SB Nozzle Complete Repair Kit

Web with Insert and Ball

Washer and Screw

NSN 4730-01-169-9821


P-SB Countermeasure Washdown Nozzle Cut Sheet


P-SB Countermeasure Washdown Nozzle Threaded Insert Installation Tool Operation


Stainless Steel for Steel Deck or with Tri Metallic Ring for Welding Into Aluminum Deck


   Marine Vessel or Platform Fire Sprinkler Nozzle or Washdown Countermeasures Nozzle


NAVSEA drawing 803-1385828 Type SB Nozzle

GRINNELL CORP 49-556-1-012

Johnson Controls TFP825 / 49-556-1-012

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