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Ampco Pumps Distributor

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Pacific Marine and Industrial is an authorized distributor AMPCO Pumps.

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Pump Construction Material To Liquid Type Compatibility


Seawater Salinity Concentration Reference Chart

Ampco AC and AC+ Pumps Ampco AL Series Pumps Ampco D Series Pumps
Ampco AC and AC+ Series Pumps Ampco AL Series Pumps Ampco D Series Pumps
Centrifugal Pump Positive Displacement Pump Centrifugal Pump
Sanitary-Food Applications Sanitary-Food Applications Sanitary-Food Applications
NPT Threaded or Flanged Pump  Rotary Lobe Pump  Double Volute Design 
316 Stainless Steel Pump 316L Stainless Steel Pump CIP and COP Applications 
Up to 1200 GPM  Up to 250 GPM  Up to 640 GPM 
Ampco IC+ Series Pumps  Ampco K Series Pumps Ampco L Series Pumps
Ampco IC+ Series Pumps Ampco K Series Pumps Ampco L Series Pumps
Centrifugal Pump Centrifugal Pump  Centrifugal Pump 
Marine and Industrial Pump Marine and Industrial Pump Sanitary-Food Applications 
NPT Threaded or Flanged Pump NPT Threaded Front Loading Seal or Double Seal
316 Stainless Steel Pump  Ni-Al-Bz or 316 SS  304SS Adaptors 
Up to 1200 GPM  Up to 230 GPM  Up to about 800 GPM 
  ABS Design Approval  3A Sanitary Standards 
Ampco M Series Pumps Ampco PE Series Pumps  Ampco R Series Pumps
Ampco M Series Pumps Ampco PE Series Pumps Ampco R Series Pumps
Centrifugal Pump   Positive Displacement Pump  Centrifugal Pump  
Sanitary Applications or Non Sanitary Sanitary-Food Applications   Marine and Industrial Pumnp 
NPT Threaded  Rotary Lobe Pump   NPT Threaded - Self Priming Pump
316 Stainless Steel  Used and Reconditioned  Ni-AL-Bz or 316 Stainless Steel 
Up to about 750 GPM  Large Cost Savings  Up to about 470 GPM 
3A Sanitary Certified    ABS Design Approval 
Ampco SP Series Pumps Ampco Z Series Pumps Ampco ZP Series Pumps
Ampco SP Series Pumps Ampco Z Series Pumps Ampco ZP Series Pumps
Centrifugal Pump   Centrifugal Pump   Positive Displacement Pump  
Sanitary-Food Applications    Marine and Industrial Pump  Sanitary-Food Applications 
Self Priming Pump Flanged Connections  Rotary Lobe Pump   
316 Stainless Steel Pump  Ni-Al-Bz, 316 SS or 2205 SS  316 Stainless Steel Pump 
Up to about 200 GPM  Up to about 3500 GPM  Up to about 310 GPM / 500 PSI 
3A Sanitary Certified      

Pump Body Materials: 

316 SS

Nickel Aluminum Bronze

Duplex 2205


Elastomer Materials:






Seal Face Material:



Silicon Carbide

Tungsten Carbide


Threaded or Flanged Connections


Centrifugal or Positive Displacement Type Pump


Self Priming Optional



Double / Secondary Seal 

Wash Down

Back Flush

Explosion Proof 

 Variable Speed 


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