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Fuel Oil Purifier Separator Centrifuge

Alfa Laval MOPX 205 Oil Purifier

Fuel Oil, Lube Oil and Food Oil

New, Reconditioned or Used Separator

MOPX 205 Fuel Oil Purifier Separator Centrifuge   

How High Speed Centrifugal Purifiers Work


MOPX 205




Viscosity 1.5 - 5.5 cSt/40°C (104°F)



4,900 L/H

  30°F / 212°F

4,400 L/H


Steam Turbine
Maximum density of oil 991 kg/m3 at 15°C


Sludge Holding Space

Drive Motor (Direct Drive)

Gear Case Oil

Control Panels

Motor Starter (VFD) Optional


Operating Water for Sealing
Max chloride content of 60 PPM

Water usage per discharge

3,200 L/H


  1.3 liters

  4 KW

  4.0 liters

  110/220 v

  240/480 v


  200-600 kpa

  6.0 liters

The maximum speed of the spindle must not be exceeded.


Drive motor
Bowl Spindle

Run up time
Run down time

  1750 RPM
  7605 RPM

  Approx. 2 minutes
  Approx. 4 minutes

Frame lower/upper, hood: cast iron
Inlet/outlet parts: tinned steel/silumin, brass

Bowl Components
Bowl body, hood, discs, bowl bottom, gravity disc, upper pairing chamber, operating slide: stainless steel

Special materials
Specific materials can be used in bowl components and must be specified at time of order.

Unit is shipped with all necessary bowl insertion tools,
mounting isolators, built-on feed pump and motor.

Shipping Data

Centrifuge with tools, motor, built-on feed pump     550kg


Used Alfa Laval Separator - Used Alfa Laval Separator

Reconditioned Alfa Laval Used Separators


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