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Fuel Oil Purifier Separator Centrifuge

Alfa Laval MAB 103 Oil Purifier

Fuel Oil, Lube Oil and Food Oil

New, Reconditioned or Used Separator

    MAB 103 Fuel Oil Purifier Separator Centrifuge skid mounted mab 103 fuel oil purifier


How High Speed Centrifugal Purifiers Work



Purification, concentration, clarification of mineral oils (fuel, lubricating, turbine, hydraulic and work shop oils) used in marine installations and industries.


Standard Equipment:

Tools, set of gravity disks, supply device with sight glass for priming and wash water, outlet sight glass, revolution counter, standard set of spares, electric motor.


Technical Data

Pump capacity

1350 l/h or 344 g/h

Suction lift to supply pump

4 m (12 feet) water column

Delivery head of discharge pump

15 m (45 feet) water column




cast iron


silumin cast-aluminum alloy

Bowl body and hood

stainless steel


stainless steel

Disc stack and gravity discs

stainless steel

Top disc

stainless steel

Lock rings

tinned steel and tinned bronze



Marine Diesel oil (viscosity 13 cSt / 40 degrees C)

900 l/h or 238 g/h



Lubricating oil, straight / R and O type, crosshead diesel

450 l/h or 120 g/h



Lubricating oil, detergent


Crosshead Diesel

350 l/h or 93 g/h

Trunk Piston Diesel

250 l/h or 67 g/h



Turbine Oil, Steam Turbine

800 l/h or 212 g/h


Shipping Data

Net Weight

155 lbs. / 70 kg

Gross Weight

221 lbs. / 100 kg


10.5 cubic feet / 0.3 cubic meters


Used Alfa Laval Separator - Used Alfa Laval Separator

Reconditioned Alfa Laval Used Separators


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