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Marine Water Makers

Aquamiser Plus Series Marine Desalinator

Marine Reverse Osmosis Seawater Purification

  Marine Water Makers Framed Marine Water Makers Modular 
Framed  Modular  
How Do Marine Watermakers Work?
250 to 1800 Gallons Per Day Electric Reverse Osmosis Watermaker

The Aquamiser Plus Series fresh watermaker - desalinator offers programmable settings and remote display capability through an advanced control system. This full-featured affordable solution is ideal for smaller water (from sea water or brackish water) production needs. With outputs of 250–1800 GPD the Aquamiser Plus Series will provide the safety and controls needed to operate both dependably and efficiently. The Aquamiser Plus is available in framed and modular configurations to be utilized in tight spaces and bulkheads. However, despite its small size, the extensive controls include a fully automatic Fresh Water Flush System for unattended maintenance. Scheduled flushes, once a week or every two weeks, will help maintain and keep your watermaker fresh and ready for your next voyage.

framed  modular  gpd/lpd  gph/lph  hp  kw  voltage 
A216S  AM216S  250/946  10/39 1.5 1.52 120/220, 50/60 Hz 
A516S  AM516S  500/1892  21/79 1.5 1.52 120/220, 50/60 Hz 
A616S  AM616S  600/2270  25/95 1.5 1.52 120/220, 50/60 Hz 
A816S  AM816S  800/3027  33/126 1.5 1.52 120/220, 50/60 Hz 
A1226S  AM1226S  1200/4541  50/189 2.5 2.29 120/220, 50/60 Hz 
A1826S  AM1826S  1800/6811  75/284 2.5 2.29 120/220, 50/60 Hz 
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