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How Do Marine Water Makers Work?

Marine Water Makers

Reverse osmosis marine water makers produce fresh water by pressurizing salt water to around 800psi and forcing it through a semi-permeable membrane (a very small filter screen).  Water molecules can pass through the membrane but practically all contaminants such as salt, bacteria, viruses and grit are left behind.


The material that is left behind is called “brine” and it is made of concentrated seawater.  The brine is discharged overboard and a new batch of salt water is introduced in a continuous process that turns 10% of incoming salt water into fresh water while 90% is discarded.  


How does reverse osmosis work?


How much fresh water output do you need?


The World Health Organization recommends at least one liter (approx. one quart) of fresh water per person per day to maintain hydration.  Obviously, that figure is for survival conditions.  A freshwater consumption of two quarts per person per day is more realistic, assuming that this is augmented with other liquids and that normal water conservation methods are used.


The US Coast Guard recommendation is to carry 30 gallons of water per person, per day.


Important points to remember:


All Reverse Osmosis Systems work the same way.


Most Reverse Osmosis systems look alike.


All RO Systems have the same basic components.


The real difference in RO Watermakers:

The quality of the filters and membranes inside the RO 

The use of components that will not be corroded by sea water 

The quality of the control system


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