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Ferry Passenger Seats - Marine Chairs

Boston Ferry Passenger Seat

Boston Ferry Passenger Seat  Boston Ferry Passenger Seat  Boston Ferry Passenger Seat  Boston Ferry Passenger Seat


Part Numbers: (Shown from Left to Right)

  Boston-ABS (Blue Plastic with Grey Square Frame)

Boston-BPG (Blue Plastic Grey Round Frame)
Boston-BFG (Blue Fabric Grey Round Frame) 
Boston-BFR (Blue Fabric Red Round Frame) 
Seat Track or Bolt Down Mounted 
With Standard Aluminum Legs and Cross Bar  
For Reduced Cost Base See Toronto Ferry Passenger Seat 
Number of Seats Per Row As Desired
470mm Width Between Arm Rests
470mm Overall Width
40mm (or 50mm) Arm Rest Width

Materials of Construction:

ABS Plastic Seat

Aluminum Seat Frame, Beam, Legs, Track and Arm-Rest

Screws and Nuts Are 304 Stainless Steel 


- Fixed Back

- Can Support Up to 6 G Vessel Acceleration Speed

- Width 500mm (standard) Custom widths possible.

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Seat Install Instruction Video

 Boston Ferry Passenger Seat  Boston Ferry Passenger Seat

Dimensions in millimeters.

Boston Ferry Passenger Seat Dimensions


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