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Cargo Container Securing - Container Lashing

Container Twistlocks

Automatic, Semi Automatic and Manual Twistlocks

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Container Lashing Layout Design: Ship or Barge


Cargo Lashing Plan Class Society Approval


Container Ship Hatch Covers and Lashing Bridges


How Do Container Ships Work?


 container semi automatic twistlock

Semi Automatic Twistlock Equivalent C5AM-HC

CV-20-F Equivalent Semi Automatic Twistlock

Container Semi Automatic Twistlock

Semi Automatic Twistlock Large Base 

Semi Automatic Twistlock




SAT Twistlock

SAT Twistlock SAT Twistlock

Forged Cone

Forged Cone

Forged Cone

One Wire

One Wire - Hatch Cover Use 

Two Wire Symmetrical


bd-s2 two wire twistlock large seat for hatch cover

Semi Automatic Twistlock - NA-3J Equivalent

Container Twistlock Operation Rods / Unlocking Rods 
Semi Automatic Twistlock Large Base

Semi Automatic Twistlock NA-3J

Container Twistlock Operation Rods


SAT Twistlock Semi Automatic Twistlock For All Types of Twistlocks
Forged Cone

Forged Cone

For Any Height Container Stack
Two Wire Symmetrical

Handle Type

 or Operation Rod Head Only

container twistlock manual left or right locking

manual bottom container twistlock

left locking dovetail container twistlock

Container Manual Twistlock

Container Manual Twistlock Large Base

Container Dovetail Twistlock




Manual Twistlock

Manual Twistlock

Manual Twistlock

Forged Cone

Forged Cone

Forged Cone

Left or Right Locking

Large Base for Hatch Cover Use

55° Dovetail Twistlock (45° on Request)


transversal dovetail twistlock

Interbox Connectors

ICBS-Interbox Connector - Semi Automatic

Container Dovetail Twistlock Side Handle

Railroad Interbox Connector - Manual

Railroad Interbox Connector - SAT



Manual Twistlock Side Handle Manual Interbox Connector Semi Automatic Interbox Connector

Forged Cone

Forged Cone

Forged Cone

55° Dovetail Twistlock (45°on Request)

Long Side Handle

Long Side Wire & Knob


BD-B1 Fixed Base Manual Twistlock

breech base twistlock

Flatbed Truck Twist Lock

Fixed Base Manual Twistlock 

Container Breech Base Twistlock

Truck Chassis Flat Bed Twist Lock




Manual Twistlock

Manual Twistlock

Manual Flat Bed Truck Twistlock

Forged Cone

Forged Cone

Forged Cone

Fixed Base

For Breech Base Foundation

Flat Bed Chassis Installation


weldable container twist locks Tandemloc N2501BA Series Weldable Fastmount Boltable Dovetail Twist Lock

Shipping Container Connection System

Weldable Container Twist Locks

Boltable Dovetail Twist Lock

Container Connection System Twistlock

BD-E1 and BD-G1


Side to Side Connections

Manual Twistlock Manual Twistlock

Forged Cone

Forged Cone

Transversal - 77mm Gap

Weld Down Bolt Down  
Shipping Container Anchor

Shipping Container Connection System

 Shipping Container Connection System
Shipping Container Anchor

Container Connection System

Shipping Container Connection System

Secure Ground Level Container

End to End Connections

Various Fittings
To Any Material


Shore Applications

How Do Container Ships Work?


How Does A Forge Work?


Container Ship Design - Container Barge Design - Container Lashing Plan


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Twistlocks, Container Twistlocks, Manual Twistlocks, Semi Automatic Twistlocks, Fully Automatic Twistlocks, Dovetail Twistlocks and Breech Base Twistlocks are all used on container ships to securing ocean cargo containers above deck only.  Below deck, under the hatch covers, stackers or hanging stackers are used.

Between the containers in a stack, you can use manual twistlocks, semi automatic twistlocks or fully automatic twistlocks.  "In the stack" means that both above and below the twistlock will be a container.

The bottom of the container stack is different.  This is the twistlock that goes between the container foundation and the 1st tier container.  Depending on the ship or barge you might find: manual, semi automatic or fully automatic twistlocks or you might find dovetail twistlocks or breech base twistlocks (ro-ro ships) or bottom versions of the standard twistlocks that have larger flanges for the higher compression loads you find at the bottom of the stack. 

In most countries you will no longer find manual twistlocks being used in the container stack as there is risk of falling for the person that is installing or removing them during container operations.  Manual twistlocks or bottom manual twistlocks will still be found on the bottom of the stack as well as on shore, on railroads container trains and in barge use.


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