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Marine Oil Water Separators

2.2 Gallons Per Minute

2 GPM Oil Water Separator
2 and 2.2 GPM (.45 and .50 m3/hr) OWS
Additional Power   Monitor
Model   Size   Filter   Supply Certification Included
 2 2 GPM (.45 m3/hr)    NO    Any   None No
 2T 2 GPM (.45 m3/hr)    NO    Any   MEPC 60(33) Yes
 2.2T/107 2 GPM (.50 m3/hr)    Organoclay  110/120 MEPC 107(49)* Yes
 2.2T/107 2 GPM (.50 m3/hr)    Organoclay   Any   MEPC 107(49)* Yes
* Most countries require IMO MEPC 107(49) Certification (including the USA and USCG) for new install.
MEPC 60(33) is old IMO Certification that does not include removal of emulsified oil.
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Specification Sheet
How the Separator Works
For use on vessels, platforms and other marine application. 
Shore application.
T-107 Units Meet IMO MPEC 107(49) and New USCG Regulations
T Units Meet IMO MPEC 60(33) and Old USCG Regulations
Other units are uncertified and do not include the oil content monitor
Easy to use and maintain:
Completely automatic operation
Simple design
Very low maintenance
Self monitoring
Self priming
Continuous performance reporting
Heavy duty industrial marine coating
Factory installed bronze piping and valves
On board flow indication
Ship / vessel mounted or offshore platform
Customizable size and controls
Site specific optimization
Various power voltages
Remote monitoring optional
Stable platform not required
Highly Efficient:
Maximum coalescence
Laminar flow
Exceeds international maritime discharge limits
Minimal power requirements
Small compact size

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