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Heat Exchanger Gasket List

By Brand and Model

PHE Gasket Materials List
Nitrile (NBR), Hydrogenated Nitrile(HNBR),
EPDM, Butyl, Hypolon, Neoprene, Silicone, Viton A, Viton B, Viton G. 
List of Replacement PHE Gaskets Supplied by PM&I:
By Brand and Model Number - Check with us for other brands or models
Alfa Laval ( Total: 60)
M3X, A10, A10B, A15, A15B, A15BW, A20, A20B A3, A35, AK20, AM10, AM20, AM20B, AM20DW, AM20N, AM20W, AX30, AX30B, Clip10,
Clip 8, H10, H7, JWP26, M10B, M10BD, M10M, M15B, M15F, M15M, M20M, M30 (V), M30D (V), M6, M6M, M6MD, P12 ser 122, 
P12 ser 124, P13, P132, P135, P14, P14/L1, P145, P15, P16, P17, P2, P20, P225, P30, P31, P32, P41, P45, P5 ser 1, P5 ser 2, PAR01, 
PAR22, T200 
APV ( Total 112 )
AO85, CHF130, FFPE, H12, H17, HMB, HX, J185, Junior, K34, K55, K71, LD9AL, LD9AV, LD9GL, LD9GN, LR9AL, LR9AV, LR9GL, LR9GN,  
M107, M185, M60, M92, N35, P105, P190, PE SER. III, QO30, QO55, QO80, R10, R106, R14, R145, R23, R235, R40, R405, R5,  R50, R52,
R55, R56, R57, R6, R66, R8GI, SD9, SR1, SR10, SR14, SR14AD, SR14AG, SR14AH, SR14AN, SR14AP, SR14GD, SR14PP, SR15, 
SR15PE, SR16, SR17, SR18, SR2, SR20, SR23AN, SR23AO, SR23HD, SR23HV, SR23OA, SR23PD, SR23PV, SR23VA, SR23VN, SR23VO, 
SR25, SR27, SR28, SR3, SR30, SR35, SR36, SR37, SR38, SR60AA, SR60AG, SR60GH, SR60GL, SR65AA, SR65AG, SR65GH, SR65GL,
Arsopi ( total 15)
FH01, FH01, FH10, FH10, FH20, FH20, FH30, FH40, FH40, FH80, FH80, FHE11, FHE15, FHS40 type41, FHS40 type 43, 
Barriquand ( total 38)
R145, R205, R25, RB25, R265, R31, R32, R325, R33, R35, RB35, R36, R50, R85, UFX100, UF100, UFX118, UF118, UFX12, UF12, UFX140,  
UF140, UFX18, UF18, UFX180, UF180, UFX26, UF26, UFX37, UF37, UFX42, UF42, UFX51, UF51, UFX64, UF64, UFX91, UF91,  
Bell & Gossett ( total 14)
GPX1152, GPX130, GPX161, GPX1980 (V), GPX237, GPX258, GPX258B, GPX463, GPX538, GPX538B, GPX678, GPX807, GPX850, GPX850,
Cetetherm ( total 22 )
CT100, EP100, CT110, EP110, CT120, EP120, CT130, ET130, CT140, EP140, CT160, EP160, CT170, EP170, CT180, EP180, CT150, EP150
CT240, EP240, CT90, EP90
CIAT ( total 3 )
1050 colle, PW 12 colle, PW 17 colle,
Corblin ( total 2 )
1020, 1025,
DMS ( total 1 )
Donghwa ( total 3)
S15, S20, S65 (V)
Fiorini ( total 4 )
H3, H4, H6F, H7F
Fischer Eurocal ( total 7)
100, 18, 28, 32, 40, 5, 8, 
Funke ( total 4 )
FPS30, FPS39, FPS50, FPS65 (V), 
GEA ( total 14 )
FA184, FA192, N40, 157, 159, 161, VT10, VT1306, VT1309, VT130F, VT20, VT40, VT80, VT805,
Hisaka ( total 14 )
SX40 type 41, SX40 type 43, UX01, UX01, UX10, UX10, UX20, UX20, UX30, UX40, UX40, UX80, UX80 type 81, UX90,
ITT Standard ( total 15 )
PF15, PF20, PF25, PF30, PF35, PF40, PF42, PF45, PF50, PF51, PF55, PF60, PF65, PF71 (V), PF75
Kapp ( total 13 )
FH01, FH01, FH10, FH10, FH20, FH20, FH40, FH40, FH80, FH80, FHEW11, FHE15, FHS40 type 41, 
Krashin Eng. ( total 26 )
UFX100, UF100, UFX118, UF118, UFX12, UF12, UFX140, UF140, UFX18, UF18, UFX180, UF180, UFX26, UF26, UFX37, UF37, UFX42, UF42, 
UFX42, UF42, UFX51, UF51, UFX64, UF64, UFX91, UF91,
Mueller ( total 6 )
AT10, AT1306, AT1309, AT130F, AT40, AT805,
Pasilac ( total 14 )
1025, 1059, 1056, 1065, 1070, 1080, 1095, 1715, 1717, 1727, 1730, 1733, 1736, 1739,
Polaris ( total 7 )
S15, S20, S30, S38, S39, S50, S65(V), 
Reheat ( total 35 )
HX145, HR180, HX205, HX25, HX265, HX325, HX50, HX85, HX138, HX257, HX276, MF56, MF59, UFX100, UFX118, UFX12, UFX140, UFX18,
UFX180, UFX26, UFX37, UFX42, UFX51, UFX64, UFX91,
Schmidt ( Total 14 )
Sentry Equipment ( total 3 )
SPG26, SPG42, SPG51,
Silkeborg ( total 4 )
Sondex ( total 8 )
S15, S20, S30, S38, S39, S50, S65, S8,
Stork ( total 2)
PG10/4, PG13/4, 
SWEP ( total 44 )
G102, G108, G153, G155, G157, G158, G159, G234, G254, G274, G52, G58, G65, GC65, GF138, GF257, GF276, GF59, GX100, GX118, 
GX1180, GX12, GX140, GX18, GX26, GX37, GX42, GX51, GX64, GX91, HX145, HX180, HX205, HX25, HX265, HX325, HX50, HX85, MF138,
MF257, MF276, MF56, UX10, UX80, 
Tranter ( total 93 )
11T, GC065, GCD065, GFP050, GFP057, GFP097, GFP100, GM138, GM257, GM276, GM56, GM59, GXO12, GXO18,
GXO26, GXO37, GXO42, GXO51, GXO64, GXO91, GX100, GX118, GX12, GX140, GX18, GX180, GX26, GX37, GX42, GX51, GX64, GX91, 
GXDO12, GXDO18, GXDO26, GXPO26, GXDO37, GXDO42, GXPO42, GXDO51, GXPO51, GXDO64, GXDO91, GXD100, GXD118, GXD140,  
GXD180, HX012, HX025, HX050, HX085, HX12, HX145, HX180, HX205, HX25, HX265, HX325, HX50, HX85, HXD012, HXDO25, HXDO50, 
HXPO50, HXDO85, HXD145, HXD180, HXD205, HXD265, HX325, S3, S8, TW10, TW18, TW5, UX01, UX01, UX05, UX06T, UX10, UX10, UX20,
UX21, UX40, UX801, UX81, UX81, UXP005, UXP010, UXP060, UXP200, UXP400, UXP801,
Vicarb ( total 16 )
V100, V110, V120, V13, V130, V180, V20, V260, V28, V4, V45, V55, V60, V7, V85, VU12,


This catalog page includes:
PHE Gaskets, Alfa Laval Gaskets, GEA Gaskets, APV Gaskets, Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger Gaskets, Tranter Gaskets, Sondex Gaskets, WCR Gaskets, Heat Exchanger Gaskets, HX Gaskets, Watermaker Gaskets, EPDM Heat Exchanger Gaskets, NBR Heat Exchanger Gaskets, Viton Heat Exchanger Gaskets, Viton PHE Gaskets, EPDM PHE Gaskets, NBR PHE Gaskets, SWEP Gaskets, Vicarb Gaskets, Mueller Gaskets, Schmidt Gaskets, Reheat Gaskets, Krashin Gaskets, Kapp Gaskets, ITT Gaskets, Hisaka Gaskets, Plate Gaskets, Plate and Frame Gaskets,

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