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Diesel Fuel Purification

Diesel Spin On Series

Remove Water and Solids

Diesel Fuel Spin On Filter 110A 120RMAM Diesel Fuel Spin On Filter 200RMAM Series Diesel Fuel Spin On Filter 400MAM Series Diesel Fuel Spin On Filter
110A Diesel Fuel Filter 120RMAM Diesel Fuel Filter 200RMAM Diesel Fuel Filter 400MAM Diesel Fuel Fitler
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Information Needed to Quote Fuel Filters
How To Purify Fuel
  110A 120RMAM 200RMAM Series 400MAM Series
Models 110A 120RMAM 230RMAM 215RMAM 245RMAM 445MAM 460MAM 490MAM 4120MAM
Flow GPH 15/35 15 15 30 45 45 60 90 120
Flow LPH 57/132 57 57 114 170 170 227 341 454
Port Size 1/4NPT 1/4NPT 1/4NPT 1/4NPT 1/4NPT 3/8NPT 3/8NPT 3/8NPT 3/4 UNF
Port # 4 4 3 3 3 4 4 4 4
Element R11T R12SUL R15TUL R20TUL R25TUL S3204TUL S3211TUL S3201TUL S3201TUL
Height in/mm 6/152 5.7/145 8.3/211 9.0/229 10.5/267 9.4/239 10.8/275 12.8/324 12.8/324
Width in/mm 3.2/81 3.2/81 4/102 4/102 4/102 4.5/114 4.5/114 4.5/114 4.5/114
Depth in/mm 3.2/81 3.2/81 4/102 4/102  4/102 4.8/121 4.8/121 4.8/121 4.8/121
Weight in/mm 1.3/0.59   1.3/0.59 1.8/0.80 2/0.90 2.2/1 2.9/1.3 3.1/1.4 3.3/1.5 3.3/1.5



Delta P PSI 0.15 0.15 0.12 0.31 0.61 0.17 0.30 0.35 0.45
Delta P kPa 1.08 1.08 0.83 2.14 4.21 1.20 2.07 2.41 3.10
Bowl Water ml 36 52 58 58 58 58 58 58 58
Op Temp

Operating Temperature: - 40 / +255 F / -40 / +121 C


Special Notes

1. Above units feature metal bowls and are approved for diesel service and are UL Listed, USCG Accepted.

2. Model 110A may be used in pressure applications (up to 100 PSI) and gasoline service. UL Listed.

3. The 200RMAM and 400MAM Series units include the head mounted hand priming pump as standard.

4. The 4120MAM model features large 3/4”UNF ports for high--flow, low--restriction applications.

5. Allow at least 2 inches (51 mm) clearance under the units for element replacement and water collection.


General: The Marine Diesel Spin-on Series feature a variety of compact sizes to fit most installations and cramped engine compartments. 

Mounting Heads: These units feature multiple fuel ports and many have more than one inlet or outlet. All have a unitized mounting bracket. The 200 and 400 Series heads feature a built--in, hand operated fuel priming pump to simplify servicing procedures.

Filters: All units feature spin--on replaceable filters and contaminant collection bowls except for the high-pressure 110A. All units may be specified with an in--bowl water probe when used with diesel or kerosene applications. High-capacity Aquabloct filter elements stop water and remove solid contamination. A 10 micron filter (or secondary and even final) is used to filter fuel which is known to be of good quality. A 2 micron filter, used with the 120Rmodel, (or final filter) is the finest filtration available and is the last filter used prior to engine ingestion.  A simple rule to remember is the finer the filtration, the more frequent the filter change. (Carry extra filters on board).

Reusable Collection Bowls: The metal bowls used with these models feature an NPT tapered thread plug for removing contaminants. An optional UL. Listed shut--off drain valve may be ordered to simplify servicing.

Options --Available for Diesel fuel systems only. Water Probe RK21069. When used with a Water Detection Module, the operator can be alerted of a high--water condition, even while the equipment is operating. The bowl is then drained of water at the earliest convenience. Note: A Water Detection Module is needed to work with this probe. See Accessories. Water Probe RK30880. Same features as above, except the 12 or 24 vdc electronic detection module is built--in the probe housing. Includes a detachable connector. See Accessories. Danger! Do not use water probes with gasoline applications. This could cause an explosion.


1. Are there any space limitations in the available location? The location should provide

adequate space for removing the element, draining off contaminants from the bowl (and operating

the primer pump on 200 and 400 Series models).

2. What filtration rating is needed? 2, 10 or 30 micron?

3. What options are needed? Water probe and/or a bowl shut--off drain valve?

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