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Engine Room Ventilation

Axial and Contra Rotating Fans

Engine Room Ventilation Fans - FSB Standard Blade Engine Room Ventilation Fans - FQS - Quiet Sickle Blade Engine Room Ventilation Fans - FFR - Fully Reversible Blade Engine Room Ventilation Fans - FCR - Two Stage Contra Rotating

FSB - Standard Blade

FQS - Quiet Sickle Blade

FFR - Fully Reversible Blade

FCR - Two Stage Contra Rotating


Fan Construction:


Fan housings are constructed of welded marine-grade 5052 aluminum alloy.

All hardware for mounting of motors and terminal boxes is 18-8 or 316 stainless steel. Threaded inserts are aircraft-grade stainless steel.

Where required, we offer motors that meet IEEE-45 and USCG CFR46 requirements. These motors are cast iron construction and epoxy-dipped, specifically for marine use.

We use a teflon-based anti-seize compound on all fastenings that may potentially need to be removed for future maintenance.

Motors up to 10 HP feature bearings lubricated for life.

All electrical connections are on the exterior of the housing, making all fans suitable for in-duct installations.

Motors requiring periodic lubrication have the grease fittings remote-mounted to the exterior of the fan housing, directly adjacent to the electrical junction box. This allows for a single point of connection and maintenance.

All fans are extensively tested and torque checked. After testing, any places where lubrication cannot be used (such as the bushing that locks the fan hub to the motor shaft) are exterior spray-coated with an anti-corrosion protectant. This seals the area with a dry, waxy coating similar to Cosmoline (a military-grade rust preventive).


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