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Industrial Marine Hand Winches Hoists

Split Drum Wall Mount Manual Winch

PGWF Series

PGWF Series Hand Winch - Split Drum
550 to 11,000 lbs line pull
Split Drum
How to Size a Winch or Hoist
Information Required to Quote Hand Winches and Hoists
Two Ropes: Two ropes can be operated simultaneously. Drums have a centre flange and rope anchors at each end.  Working Load Limit is per rope 1st layer.
Two Speeds: Higher-capacity models are equipped with two-speed gearing for ease in handling heavy loads.
Automatic Brake: Brakes respond automatically when the handle is released. Recoil is prevented and the load is held securely in any position.
Bearings: Effective use of needle roller bearings and bushings minimizes friction, ensures ease of operation, smooth running, increased life and minimum cranking effort.
  Load Limit Rope Diameter Drum Capacity
Model: LBS Inches Feet
GWF 550 275 1/8 161
GWF 1100 550 3/16 158
GWF 2200 1100 1/4 237
GWF 3300 1650 5/16 95
GWF 4400 2200 3/8 168
GWF 6600 3300 7/16 224
GWF 11000 5500 9/16 89
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