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Light Industrial Pneumatic - Air

Winches and Hoists

Light Industrial Pneumatic Hoists Light Industrial Pneumatic Winches
 Rated for vertical lifting Rated for slopes up to 30 degrees 
650 to 5,000 lbs. line pull 650 to 10,000 lbs. line pull
Various line speeds. Various line speeds
Totally enclosed watertight components Totally enclosed watertight components
Automatic load suspending brake system Automatic brake system
Permanently Lubed, 3 stage planetary gear train Manual freespool
Simple installation at any angle  Permanently Lubed, 3 stage planetary gear train 
  Simple installation at any angle 
How to Size a Winch or Hoists
Other Models Available:
BU-8A15 Utility Pneumatic Winch Portable AIR 1000
1500 lbs. / 3/4 ton 1,250 single line capacity
line pull at first layer 2,500 lbs. double line capacity
40 feet per minute at first layer  
BU-12A22 Utility Pneumatic Winch  
2200 lbs. / 1 ton
line pull at first layer  
23 feet per minute at first layer  
Blocks, Sheaves and Fairleads
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