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Hydraulic Planetary Winches and Hoists

CH240 Series

Hydraulic Winch Hydraulic Hoist
The CH165 Series planetary winch is a high performance product designed to provide many years of service. 
Standard Features:
Multi-disc Brake - Spring applied and hydraulically released
Anti-friction bearings for maximum efficiency
Multi-stage planetary reduction
Gear Ratios
Hydraulic Motors (Gear, Vain, Piston)
Drum Sizes
Mounting Configurations
Free Fall Hydraulic Winch - Hoist
Controlled Free Fall Hydraulic Winch - Hoist
   Ratchet and Pawl
Model Rated Capacity Weight
CH240A 24,000 lbs (10,890 kg) 2,407 lbs (1,092kg)
Below models represent only a small number of gearbox and motor configurations.
Contact PM&I for complete product information:
Drum Size Max. Capacity
-01 (18.00B x 32.50F x 24.36L) 7/8 in - 1454 ft
22 mm - 443 m
-02 (18.00B x 32.50F x 38.61L) 7/8 in - 2307 ft
22 mm - 703 m
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