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What Size Fenders For My Boat?

General Guidelines*

Boat Size
Fender Selection
Up to 10'
G-1, A-0
10' to 20'
G-2, G-3, S-1, A-0
20' to 30'
G-4, G-5, HTM-1, HTM-2, F-1, F-02, F-2, F-3, A-1
30' to 40'
G-6, HTM-3, HTM-4, F-4, F-5, F-6, A-2, LD-2
40' to 50'
HTM-4, F-6, A-3, LD-3
50' to 60'
F-7, F-8, A-4
60' to 70'
F-8, F-10, F-11, A-5
70' - Up
F-11, F-13, A-5, A-6
G Series Boat Fender  NF Series Boat Fender  HTM Series Boat Fender  F Series Boat Fender
A Series Boat Buoys  S Series Boat Buoy  LD Series Boat Buoys
*This Fender Guide is to be used as a general guide. Common sense, as well as an understanding of your boat and mooring conditions, must be considered. The final responsibility has to be taken by the consumer due to the many variables in the selection process.

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