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Cargo Shipping Container Parts

ISO 1161 Steel Container Corner Castings

steel container corner castings 1161

Sold in sets of 8 container corner castings (or individually)

200 lbs weight per set / 25 lbs. each

Meets the ISO Standard (ISO 1161) for Container Corner Castings

There are 2 each of 4 different marine shipping container corner castings per set:

Bottom Left, Bottom Right and Top Left and Top Right

Castings are stamped on inside with TR, TL, BR and BL to make things easy!

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Stainless 304 Container Corner Castings

steel container corner castings 1161

steel container corner castings drawing 1161

Top Left (Top Right is mirror inverted)

steel ocean container corner castings drawing 1161

Bottom Left (Bottom Right is mirror inverted)

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