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GLS Cargo Container Securing and Lashing

Container Barge - Container Ship - Railroad IBC

Container Twistlocks, Container Turnbuckles, Container Lashing Bars

GLS container twistlock GLS Container Stacking Cones GLS container lashing bars
GLS Container Twist Locks GLS Container Stacking Cones GLS Container Lashing Bars
Semi Automatic, Manual, Fully Automatic Hanging and Manual Stackers Plug to Eye, Vertical Bars,
Standard and Low Profile Terminal Stackers - Hanging Stackers Plug to Knob
Twistlock - Container Twistlock Single and Double Stackers  
GLS container securing turnbuckle   GLS container foundations GLS Cloverleaf Lashing Pots
GLS Container Turnbuckles GLS Container Foundations GLS Lashing Pots & Securing Points
  Jaw to Knob, Jaw to Hook Box, Low Profile and Flush    Flush to Deck and Raised
  Sliding Foundations, Elongated ISO Hole Receive Elephants Feet and Hooks 
GLS Container Lashing Plates GLS D Rings GLS container bridge fitting
GLS Container Lashing Plates GLS Container D Rings GLS Container Bridge Fittings
Single, Double, Multiple Raised and Flush Various Lengths
       Various Style and Capacity   Pressure and Pressure-Tension Type
GLS container midlock cargo securing elephants foot Container Lifting Lug Fitting
GLS Container Midlocks GLS Elephants Foot Container Lifting Lugs
When two 20' Containers For use with Lashing Pots Lifting Lugs - Top or Side Lifting
are placed in 40' Slot    
container welding cone cargo speed lashing
GLS Container Welding Cones Auto and Truck Cargo Securing Container Corner Castings
 Weld directly to deck or tank top Speed Lash and Web Lashing  
container twistlock flat rack container chassis twist lock
Flat Racks and Forklift Bins Container Lifting Equipment Truck Chassis Container Securing
20 and 40 Foot Frame and Bar Spreaders  
PM&I: Aluminum Aircraft, Cargo, Vehicle Tie Down: Securing Point: Marine and Industrial
Aluminum Securing Points    
How Do Container Ships Work?
Pacific Marine and Industrial has a full line of container securing equipment or container lashing equipment.  This product is also known as twist locks, container twist lock, container twist locks, shipping container locks, iso twist lock, shipping container twist lock or iso container corner locks.

Pacific Marine's cargo container securing equipment is for use with all ISO (International Standards Organization) containers in use on container ship, container barge, container train or truck. 

The most common equipment are as follows:
 Container Twist locks - for use between two containers in a stack or between the foundation and the first container
Container Turnbuckles - used to tighten the lashing system at the ends of the 2nd tier and 3rd tier containers
Container Lashing bars - fit into the 2nd tier and 3rd tier container end.  Used with container turnbuckles
Container Foundations - welded to the deck of the ship this equipment is the base of the container stack
Container Stacking Cones - this equipment is used between containers below the hatch covers in the container hold
This catalog page contains: 
container foundation. container foundations, container lashings, container stacking cone, container turnbuckle, container twistlock, container twistlocks, foundation container, fully automatic twistlock, semi automatic twistlock, turnbuckle, twistlock, twistlock container, twistlocks, container securing, marine twistlock, marine turnbuckle,

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