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Oil Lubricated Shaft Seal - Bulkhead Shaft Seal

Keys to a Good Installation

Keys to a good installation:
1.  The propeller shaft should be prepared per the instructions- finish, chamfer/taper, sharp edges, nicks, dings, scratches and wear.
2.  The propeller shaft should be centered in the log (stern / bulkhead tube) when coupled to the engine.
3.  Move the installation tool back and fourth with the palm of hands to make sure it slides easily.
4.  Lubricate the shaft and internal surfaces of seal housing before transferring it onto the propeller shaft.
5.  Use a rotating motion when transferring the seal housing down the shaft.  This helps to protect the seal lips when passing over keyways / holes and it slides easier.
6.  Do not assemble the seal housing into the flexible log hose until the shaft has been coupled to the engine.
7.  There should be at least 2 inches between the end of the log (stern / bulkhead tube) and the seal housing to allow for any misalignment and flexing.
8.  Apply Rectorseal No. 5 pipe thread sealant or equivalent on reservoir nipple before installing the 1/2" tubing to eliminate weeping of lubricant.
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