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Welding Hose Reels

TWCR Dual Arc Welding Hose Reels

TWCR Duel Arc Welding Hose Reels
TWCR Welding Hose Reels

Dual Arc Welding Reel

Manual Rewind

To handle #1 through 4/0 cable to 400 amps.


• Designed to handle grounding and arc welding leads on the same reel unit.

• Two independent spools to hold separate lengths of welding cable.

• 400 amp rotary electrical device for instant and constant use.

• Long-wearing Delrin bearings provide electrical insulation and lube-free ease of operation.

• Gear driven crank rewind with a removable handle.

• Pinion brake is standard.

TWCR Welding Hose Reels Drawing
TWCR Welding Hose Reels
TWCR Welding Hose Reels Notes

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