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Sewer Jetting Hose Reel

Series 6200 Direct Drive with Swivel Base Hose Reel

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Series 6200 Direct Drive Swivel Base Hose Reel

Series 6200 Direct Drive Pumper Cleaner Reel

With Swivel Base

To Handle 3/4 Thru 1 Inch ID Hose

Up to 3000 psi

Power Rewind


This reel is designed with external hose connection to allow tightening of hose connection without removing all hose from the spool. The hose guide arm along with the optional swivel base allow precise payout of hose from the reel.

• Direct drive hydraulic motor (no chain & sprocket maintenance)

• 1" swivel joint with adjustable packing

• Heavy-duty spool and frame design

• Swinging guide arm with roller & operator handle

• Rotating ball bearing swivel base

• Heavy-duty pinlock in base for locking in multiple locations

• Other models and capacities are available upon request

Series 6200 Direct Drive With Swivel Base - Drawing
Series 6200 Direct Drive With Swivel Base Hose Reel - Chart
Series 6200 Hose Reel Direct Drive with Swivel Base - Notes

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