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Industrial Hose Reel

AG Series Industrial Hose Reel

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AG Series Industrial Hose Reel


AG Series Industrial Hose Reel
For 1/4 thru 1 1/2 Inch ID Hose
Spring Rewind with Speed Control

Air Governor Rewind Assist


1. Highly scalable – The air speed control governor can be

scaled up to regulate speed on even the most powerful spring reels

we offer. Other designs can only work on light-duty springs.


2. Operates in all climates – Because the AG series uses air

flow to control speed, (and not hydraulic fluid which can change

viscosity depending on temperature), the reel’s rewind speed is

controlled and unaffected even by cold weather.


3. Fully adjustable – The end user can turn the air restrictor

clockwise or counterclockwise until the optimal rewind speed is

found for the application.


For further information (other than dimensions) on any of the AG

series reels listed below, please go to the following pages in this catalog:


• AG600 Series: (600 Series)

• AG700 Series: (700 Series)

• AG800 Series: (800 Series)

• AG900 Series: (900 Series)

Industrial Hose Reel AG Series
Industrial Hose Reel AG Series- Chart
Industrial Hose Reel AG Series - Notes

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