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Cable Reel

LC and CR Series Cable Reel

Portable Electric Cable Reels - Permanent Crank Rewind

LC and CR Portable Electric Cable Reel

cable reel lc16-10-11

CR Series Cable Reel

LC16-10-11 Cable Reel

Industrial, Broadcast, Fire & Rescue, Agriculture

Extension Cord, Broadcast Cable


Portable Electric Cable Reels

Permanent Crank Rewind


Model LC16-10-11

Waterproof duplex.

 Receptacle for 3-pronged plug.

Twist lock duplex is available.

Adjustable Cam-lock drag brake.


CR Series

Compact, lightweight, rugged construction.

3-conductor 30 amp collector ring.

6-foot power source lead of 12/3 cable.

15 amp 3-prong straight blade plug (twist lock optional).

Adjustable Cam-lock drag brake.



Crank rewind permanent.


lc and cr series cable reel drawing


cable reel lc and cr portable electric cable


cable reel lc and cr notes


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