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AVD Series

Audio Video Portable Cable Storage Reel With Divider

AVD1 Audio Video Cable Reel 

AVD2 Audio Video Cable Reel avd series cabel reels


With Caster Mounting Plates With Optional Casters and With Optional Casters
  Pull Handle  


Similar in construction to the AV Series cable reels, the primary advantage of a AVD Series reel is the addition of a slotted divider disc within the reel spool. This divider disc provides a convenient way for the user to have unobstructed access to both cable connector ends. With this feature, it is easy to pull off any length of cable and still have access to both connectors. There is no need to pull the entire length of cable off the reel before using it.
Communication, broadcast, and pro-audio applications.
Rugged steel frame and aluminum spool construction.
Black, non-reflective matte finish.
Slotted divider disc provides 2" wide space for storage of short cable.
Frame clips allow stacking of reels.
Adjustable Cam-lock drag brake locks cable in place.
Optional heavy-duty, locking caster wheels available.
Pull handle available for AVD-2 and AVD-3 (part number 9949.0500)

AVD-3 only — side mounted punchable connector panels are standard.

AVD3 Cable Reel Drawing
AVD Series Audio Video Cable Reel Chart 
AVD Series Audio Video Cable Reel Notes

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