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AVC Series

Audio Video Portable Cable Storage Reel

AVC Audio Video Cable Reel

AVC16-10-11-DE Audio Video Cable Reel

AVC16-14-16-DE audio video cable reel 

AVC20-14-16-DE audio video cable reel 





Standard Configuration

Shown With

Shown With  

Shown With 

Optional Drum Extension  

Optional Drum Extension

Optional Drum Extension

Rugged steel & aluminum construction.

Equipped with Velcro cable fastener. 

Non-reflective black matte finish standard. 

Optional Storage Drum Extension. 

Adjustable Cam-lock drag brake. 


Crank handle permanently attached to the disc.  

AVC16-14-16 and AVC 20-14-16 

Direct crank rewind. 

Optional PL-1 pin lock available.


AVC audio vidio cable reel drawings 


avc seriies audio video cable reel chart 


avc audio video cable reel notes


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