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Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers

plate and frame heat exchanger plate and frame heat exchanger
Traditional Plate and Frame Plate Examples
Information Required for Heat Exchanger Quotations
Technical Discussion: Plate and Gasket Maintenance
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Product Line:
Traditional Plate and Frame, Copper Brazed, Semi-Welded, All Welded
Connection Sizes of 15 mm to 500 mm and flow rate of 50 l / hour to 2000 cubic meter / hour
Liquid to Liquid Heat Exchangers
Liquid to Gas Heat Exchangers
Gas to Gas Heat Exchangers
Plate Design:
Plate inlet design allows for equal distribution of liquid which will eliminate dead spots and the possible resultant bacteria.  The plate pattern allows for high thermal efficiency as well as a lower pressure drop over the plate pack.  The reinforcement of the plate edge also allows for proper securing and increased life of the gasket.
Gasket Design:
Gaskets are placed in a protected and reinforced gasket groove allowing for increased gasket life and retention of elasticity.
Free Flow Plates:
Free flow plates are available for liquids containing fibers or other particles which may clog up a traditional plate heat exchanger.  
- Perfect for paper and cellulose industry
- Can be applied to the cooling of viscous products such as mustard or tomato sauces.
Semi Welded Plates:
Semi welded plates are built up in plate cassettes.  A plate cassette is 2 plates welded together by laser.  The advantage of this construction is that on the one side a welded plate channel exists and on the other a traditional (cleanable) plate channel.  
- Specially designed for refrigeration and for tasks where aggressive media are applied. 
- Welding is done outside the gasket groove practically eliminating the risk of corrosion in the gasket groove.

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