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Navigational Aids to IALA Standards

AIS Solar Transponder Kit

AIS Solar Transponder Kit - AtoN Aids To Navigation


The MAK is a solar kit that houses an AIS AtoN device and its own solar power supply,

thus completing a compact and self-powered unit.


The AIS AtoN device provides automatic information on the GPS position of the marine aid to navigation (AtoN);

thus making easy the location and identification of buoys, beacons and lighthouses on a vessel or an AIS Base Station chart.


The MAK compact Kit is readily installed in any navigational aids station. It is ideal for those places without a power system available and where an AIS is required. Our range of AIS AtoN complies with IMO, IEC, ITU and IALA Standards.


AIS Solar Transponder Kit - AtoN Aids To Navigation
AIS Solar Transponder Kit - AtoN Aids To Navigation

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