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SBM Marine Steel Buoy

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marine steel buoy iala


SBM Steel Buoys are designed by combining conventional architecture used during several decades with

the application of latest technologies in materials and current standards.


The high-quality steel for its construction is the same than the one used in the naval field, with a thickness greater than 10 mm.


Float diameters available from 2 to 3 meters are submitted to an antioxidation treatment providing

maintenance periods above 5 years.


They are characterized by their high shock resistance and stability.


Metallic parts of the buoys (superstructure and tail) are made from hot-dip galvanized steel, and designed to provide

a long service life under harsh marine conditions.


They can be customized under client’s request, as well as to be made from stainless steel or marine aluminium.


SBM Marine Steel Buoy IALA


SBM Marine Steel Buoy IALA


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