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ISO Container Casters and Wheels

Single Wheel

ISO Container Casters and Wheels
Model Number Caster Diameter Container Height Capacity Each Color Weight
SW-06 6"
HUB: Silver
Wheel: Red
11 kgs
SW-08 8"
HUB: Silver
Wheel: Orange
15 kgs
SW-10 10"
HUB: Silver
Wheel: Yellow
21 kgs
SW-12 12"
HUB: Silver
Wheel: Yellow
28 kgs
ISO Container Caster Turning Lever  Forklift Yoke for ISO Container Movement

Option Designators

Wheel Brake


Position Lock


Training Wheel


Turning Pocket


Steering Lever (For TP)

-SL (1 per 4 casters)

All Options

-AO (1 SL per 4 Casters)


Options Catalog for ISO Container Casters and Wheels


Operation Instructions for ISO Container Casters and Wheels


Forklift Yoke for Container Casters and Wheels

ISO Container Corner Caster Options
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